Made Of Light

Royal Institute of British Architects, London. 2004.

A provocative exhibition exploring the relationship between light and architecture, using light as the sole display medium.

A touring show produced for Speirs & Major Lighting Architects to complement their book of the same name.

The first location was Gallery 1 at the RIBA, London. A long narrow gallery with windows down one long side. The screen was to go on the other long wall, which was just over 15m.

I was to design and produce a show that included images, animations and music, that would seamlessly fill that entire screen. And in 2003, the best way to do that, was with Watchout, a system I had been using for some time, that simplified the production of shows for multiple edge-blended projectors.

The end result, was a 14 min continuously looping show, on a 15m x 3.2m projection screen, with a resolution of 4588 x 1024 pixels, front projected using 5 Christie Digital DS30w DLP projectors, each driven by individual computers and controlled by Dataton Watchout.

Originally shown at Royal Institute of British Architects, 4 -23 March 2004.

but then went to :

SIA, Swiss Institute of Engineers and Architects, Berne. 2005,

Earls Court, London. 2006 

Radiance Festival, Glasgow. 2007