The above image (Nothing Finished) is one of my lighting tests that was later modified in photoshop and used in the exhibition catalogue. It shows a 3D model of Trish’s pastel being deformed by an invisible model of the Riverside Museum.

A visitor at the preview evening watching, All Wrapped Up, a 3D Stereoscopic video installation by Phil Lavery 

Physical model of the Riverside museum, lent by Zaha Hadid Architects, and used as guide for the digital 3D model that is used to create the deformations.

All Wrapped Up

Drawing (On) Riverside Exhibition, Kelvingrove. 2011.

Drawing (On) Riverside was a major 5 month exhibition, attended by over 45,000 visitors, at the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow. 

The exhibition featured the solo work of paintings and pastels by Patricia Cain, along with a number of projects by other artists, Anne Nisbet – Architect, Alec Galloway – Glassmaker, Rosalind Lawless – Printmaker and myself. Each of our projects was a response to Trish’s work and the result of discussions that took place over some months.

For my part, I produced two works, On Wrecker’s Ball, a multilayered, digital Pepper’s Ghost and this piece, All Wrapped Up, a stereoscopic 3D installation.

During Trish’s residence on the Riverside Museum project, she produced a huge number of pastels exploring the construction process.

This piece, is a very literal response to that body of work. It takes one of her pastels and shows it endlessly wrapping around an invisible model of the finished building envelope.

The installation was in a side room, but still viewable from the main gallery. This protected the projection surface from direct light, which would have destroyed the stereoscopic 3D effect that is essential to this piece. 

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