Exploring The Liminal

Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh. September 2018

Exploring The Liminal brings together two main bodies of work “In The Broken Places”, which is a response to my heart attack, and some selected pieces from my various transitional spaces series, including “In Praise Of Shadows”.  As the title suggests, the common theme is of seeking beauty in the transience of places, things and life itself.

Tranistional Space #7112

In The Broken Places

The main focus of the exhibition is the In The Broken Places project and finding a way to make it work in the gallery space, was always going to be a challenge. And so, I arrived on the first day of installation armed with sketches and ideas, knowing full well that I would probably have to start from scratch and indeed I did… and at the end of that day, I had hung only three pictures, but I knew what I was going to do. 

I was being told to be quiet, I hadn't realised the awful moaning was coming from me
View From A Bed

The two unframed images and my ECG were not really late additions as I had 

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