Transient Presents “Landmarks” at Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh

Landmarks is the inaugural exhibition of photographic work from Transient, a collective born out of a desire to promote connectivity between photographic practitioners from all over Scotland and beyond.

The work in this exhibition represents six perspectives on the places we live, work and play.  These environments and our interactions within them influence us in our relationships, physical, emotional and financial health and ultimately in our photographic practice. 

My contribution to the exhibition can be found here : Unpossessed Places

The exhibiting members of Transient are : Philip J Lavery, Camila Cavalcante, Adam Fowler, Anneleen Lindsay, Christi MacPherson and Kathryn Polley.

The Transient exhibition Landmarks is at :

Patriothall Gallery, off Hamilton Place,

Edinburgh EH3 5AY.

From : 9th – 24th March 2019

Open : Wed – Fri 12 – 4pm / Weekends 12 – 5pm

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