Borders : Threadneedle Theatre Gallery, London.

“Photographers from the UK and around the world have been selected to exhibit their work in BORDERS, an exhibition of photography, curated in response to the MARCHLAND season of performances and talks, in collaboration with Théâtre Volière and the Bridewell Theatre.

MARCHLAND brings together artists, musicians and dancers to share remarkable stories and complex histories.”

The above selected piece, is from my current In The Broken Places series, which is a response to my heart attack of April 2016, and as a result of which, each morning and night, I now reach for a plastic bag that contains the blood thinners, statins and other drugs I will take for the remainder of my life.

My images are usually about finding beauty in the ignored and forgotten places. The Japanese have a term “Wabi-Sabi”, which I like to think applies. So, it’s only natural, that with this project, I’m seeking beauty in those things that have played, or continue to play, a part in my treatment and recovery, in this case, the aforementioned plastic bag.

I believe, if you look hard enough, that beauty can be found anywhere, that beauty knows no boundaries. But, each morning and night, when I reach for this bag, I’m also reminded that we each have one final border to pass.

The Borders exhibition was organised and curated by Shutter Hub and more information can be found here : Borders Blog Post

The Borders Exhibition is on from the 15th January till the 16th April at :

Bridewell Theatre Bar Gallery

St Bride Foundation, Bride Lane, Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 8EQ 

Opening Times:

15th January to 16th April 2018, Mon – Fri, 10am – 6pm (viewed on request at St Bride Foundation reception), 6.30pm – 11pm during theatre performances. Closed Easter Weekend. 

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